Smithmeyer Consulting
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Many years of experience in all facets of network design, troubleshooting, support & management



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Computer Forensics, Internet & Keystroke Monitoring

Complete Disaster Recovery Services & Documentation Preparation

Cisco Network Equipment Installation, Configuration, Support & Design

LAN/WAN: Design, Connectivity & Support: Ethernet, Fiber & Wireless

T1, DSL, Cable Modem, Frame Connections

Firewall Support (Cisco ASA's, PIX, Sonic Wall, Barracuda)

Virtual Private Network Connectivity(VPN)


Internet & E-Mail Remote Connectivity

Windows 2003/2007/2008/XP/Vista/7 All Software and Operating Systems and Applications Supported: Commercial & Proprietary

Wireless Networking: Wireless Lan Controllers, Access Points & Client Connectivity

Microsoft Exchange Installation, Management and Disaster Recovery Skills

Virus & Worm Infestation Protection, Removal & Recovery

Data Backup & Restoration Capabilities

Project Management

Network Troubleshooting

 Free Network Analysis